Single ‘White Privileged’ Female

My observation of today’s presentation of a dark skinned woman disturbs me. Long hair don’t care, eyelashes are ‘falsies’. Hazel, blue, grey, and green eyes too, what is wrong with these ladies? They act like ‘crazies’. Times has evolved the dark skinned woman into a disgust. Her appearance and reputation is molested by the media free of cost. Victimized by the pressure; conformity is normalized through her daily routine. Does she not think? She’s susceptible to disaster as the snapshot awaits her. The snap of a moment that will put her on the BIG screen forever. FULL BLAST for the rest of her life. But she doesn’t think twice. Now she’s being  presented as a spectacle of the testicle, the ‘apple’ of a man’s penis. She’s  invited in between his legs with ease. Men of their own kind dismiss her. Their males dismiss her like the dental hygienist, they don’t see them either. To them, she is the epitome of a  money hungry, drama seeking maniac. Yet, he does business with her. Explain that.


Prayers: Tracy Morgan In Critical Condition After Car Crash (DETAILS)

Prayers for a speedy recovery Tracy! The Dark Skin Girl love’s you, Stay Strong as if you had no choice but to do so!

Global Grind

Tracy Morgan Live At Mount Airy CasinoOne of our favorite comedians,  Tracy Morganwas involved in a six car accident this morning, and is currently in intensive care, according to CNN.

They report:

The former “Saturday Night Live” cast member and “30 Rock” star was riding in a limo bus when the accident occurred in Mercer County, said Sgt. Gregory William of New Jersey State Police.

In addition to the bus, the wreck involved two tractor-trailers and an SUV, he said. He did not provide specifics on what happened.

One person was killed and four others hospitalized with injuries, authorities said.

Peter Haigney, a spokesman for the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, said four patients are getting treated at the hospital.

Three are in critical condition while one is in fair condition, he said.

The hospital said that a man named Tracy Morgan was among those in critical condition, but citing privacy laws, declined to confirm…

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My Skin Color Is Unacceptable

CC by lil'_wiz

CC by lil’_wiz

My dark skin causes such a spectacle. Black men don’t make it any better though. My very own people claim that my dark skin is unacceptable. Their opinion of me is not very flexible. I wear a skin color that is not digestible. Men pass me up because they say I am a disgrace to them. Light skin women have better hair, you can see them in the dark. Dark skin women have nappy hair,  love doesn’t live in her heart because its too black to see. Blinded by his ignorance, a black man fails to see my beauty, both inward and outwardly. What comes to mind when you think of me? That I am crazy or I have good pussy? Am all I am good for is pluckin when you refer to me as a chicken head.? You know one that is easy to ‘bed’. It doesn’t take much for a dark skin woman. All around beauty is an understatement. Her love is tangible, but yet flammable. She explodes, KABOOM every time that dark skin woman steps up in a room. Capturing attention simply because she’s diff-er-ent. It’s an unknown beauty that we all possess, the uniqueness of it all is it resides in her consciousness. I speak from experience.   Written by: Marina Nicole


I know it’s been a minute since I’ve been here.
But this Black Girl is focused.
There are only one set of footprints in the sand because God is carrying me.
Have no fear! For fear does not dwell with God.
Whatever you are going through, ride it out.
This Black Girl has a tank full of gas.
Spiritual gas that’s free of fumes. Spiritual gas is very pure.
Spiritual gas comes from the God I adore.

Blessed are the Humble

Very true!

Mind's Seat

For they will inherit the earth

Matthew 5:5

by Susan Irene Fox

It’s one thing to sing “Amazing Grace.” It’s something else to experience amazing grace. Reverend Stan Long

When I came to the faith, I don’t think there wast a single Sunday during those first six months that didn’t weep in church. My tears spoke of a deep conviction and gratitude that I, a sinner, was accepted and adopted into God’s family. I was humbled because His amazing grace made me an heir to His kingdom alongside my Savior, though I had done nothing to deserve it.

© Susan Irene Fox © Susan Irene Fox

Over several years, this journey has taken me on a process of letting go – of preconceived notions, of things I used to hold valuable, of people whose opinions I used to hold sacred, of control of the way and timing of the shape of my life. However…

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The Black Girl Who Wrote This…

This message has been approved by a Black Girl.
The Black Girl who wrote this is full of love.
She’s sweet, caring, and loving of all things God.
The Black Girl who wrote this has a plan to succeed.
The Black Girl who wrote this knows that it is only God she needs.
The Black Girl who wrote this has been sent to spread a message.
The God she serves has sent you to hear His lessons.
The Black Girl who wrote this in pursuit of her blessing.
The Black Girl who wrote this is walking her predestined path.
The Black Girl who wrote this knows without God she wouldn’t last.



I am the Black Girl who wrote this…



Written By: Marina Nicole!


Use These Words: To Hurt A Dark Skin Girl

Pots-n-pans, 100 DEGREES, Shadow, Blackie, Darkie, Baboon, Coon, Cotton picker, Fecal critter, Jiggaboo, Jungle bunny, Mud puppy, Niggroid, Porch monkey, Sh** skin, Runaway slave, Spade, Speer chucker, Tree ornament, Worthless, Tar baby, Bubba, Crumb snatcher, Americoon, Black a**, Gutter monkey……. You use these words with the intent of hurting my dark skin pride But as the moon sets and the sun rises, the truth about my dark skin may come as a surprise. But, can your heart handle it? You can’t sue me just because your heart can’t take the truth. Continue reading at your own risk that’s all I can tell you. Here’s the truth in all of it’s glory right in front of you! Look at me, God made me with intensity! He made me with darker skin to add versatility. I’ve been “Built Tough” to sustain through the anguish and pain that my fellow man brings to me because I am different than he and she. Does my dark skin really bother you so much that you use words to describe me as such? All complaints may be directed to my heavenly Father up above. If you ask God why He made me, He’ll tell you He did it out of love. Just call me a Dark Skin Girl. Random post, written by Marina Nicole

The Unemployed Black Girl

What am I suppose to do now? Oh, I know! I’m going to take me and my six kids down to the Department of Human Services so that I can get me some food stamps. Wait, which one of my kids qualify for a disability check? Tommy, Byron, Chico, Tony, and Robert act like they can’t help me take care of these kids they helped me make. What am I going to do? I am an unemployed Black girl. I have no skills. I mean, I street hustle, but what kind of life is that for an unemployed Black girl? I’m just a statistic even though I have worked very hard for what I have. Even though my kids dress nice, and even though I keep my bills paid I remain a statistic. Does it really matter what this unemployed Black girl thinks? My own people label me, as they do their own family. I’m not like them. I have only one child and I know who her father is. He’s absent, I’m not. He’s white, I am not. I’m sure my own people can’t fatham me dating outside my race. I have only used governmental assistance during my times of need. I have a Bachelors degree and I am working towards finishing a Master’s. I wouldn’t expect people to know or even believe that because I am who you label me as, an unemployed Black girl. Dialogue from an unemployed Black girl. Written by: Marina Nicole.

Cornered Into Self-Suppression: The Black Community Must Rise

The hardships of our ancestors continue to remain ignored and under appreciated,as we continue to let issues of self-suppression defeat the Black community. There are so many questions that are yet to be answered, such as: why has our community yet to progress in the direction that our ancestors intended and why have allowed society to place a label on us that we feel as though we need to conform to?. The Black community has been overtaken by the pressures of this world by attempting to fit into some category that we cannot define ourselves. We think we have it all figured out, as we shop for the best name brand clothing out there or we adorn ourselves with unnatural enhancements to make us appear as though we are someone different from our intended identities.

We deny ourselves the right to creative expression and self-fulfillment because we aim to please others. It has become a need to conform to the patterns of this world in order to gain access to the next level. What we don’t realize is that we are in control of ourselves. When we waste our precious time attempting to show the world that we are capable of pleasing them , we will lose ourselves in the process. The more and more we try to please others the more difficult it will become for us to find ourselves later on. As society continues to self-suppress the expression of our Black community, if a stance is not taken, we will remain under the strong hold of someone else’s identity requirement list, that we simply will not be able to meet. It is easy to claim self liberation until the world throws an unwelcoming situation at us then it is back to square one. Self-liberation only comes through walking boldly in who you are. Remember, it is difficult to identify yourself when your so busy trying to figure out where other people want you to be. It’s useless.


Written by: Marina Nicole